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Why create a Vision Board?
How do Vision Events work?
How do I book my Vision Event?

People who put their goals on paper are 50% more likely to achieve them than those who don't!

Yet only 3 of every 100 adults actually even write down their goals.


Even more so than just jotting down a goal, creating your vision board uses tangible images and physical actions to even better connect you emotionally to your goals and dreams.


The more connected you are the more likely you are to strive to reach them.

Once completed, seeing your vision board each day will slowly begin to transform your inner belief into outer actions.

It's not just cutting and pasting pictures from a magazine.

Our vision board sessions include:


  • meditation

  • goal strategizing

  • goal delineation and deduction

  • content creation guidance

  • accountability

Yes, we end with a vision board filled with images, but our sessions are more about the deep thinking process than just pretty pictures on a page.

Plus, each session is customized to your team, industry, or organization.

Each person, company, and organization is unique. 

We have packages for each as well as specific customization depending on your needs for your team.

Email me, Michaela, and together we will start the conversation about how your Vision Event can be designed uniquely for you.

Keynote Speaker, Yoga, & More

Looking for a smaller scale professional development workshop for your group? Michaela can modify her vision sessions into smaller scale goal setting and visualization keynote presentations.

As a 200 RYT yoga instructor, Michaela can also lead a customized and dynamic yoga or meditation session.

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